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Safeguard Plants and Employees With Industry-Leading Protective Equipment

You’re committed to quality; we are, too.

Through APP (American Protective Products), we’ve supplied PPE to professionals and companies in healthcare, research, and laboratory settings for over thirty years.

Now, we’ve taken our expertise, experience, and products to the cannabis industry. GrowShield is a customer service-focused partner with the high-quality PPE your cultivation or testing facility needs to keep workers safe and productive and your plants healthy and protected.

Medical PPE vs. Industrial PPE: The Growshield Difference

Unlike the industrial PPE some companies use in work environments, we design and manufacture PPE products to meet the highest medical-grade standards.

  • Every product we provide offers the highest level of protection from all potential contaminants that could damage the quality of your cannabis crop.

  • We design and manufacture our PPE to minimize worker exposure to agricultural chemicals, kief, and other particulate matter or waste generated during cannabis production.


Ready to Use One-Step Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant
Cleaner. Faster. Responsible. Sustainable.

PREempt PLUS® is for use in cannabis cultivation and processing facilities, laboratories, clean rooms and other critical environments that require cleaning and surface disinfection. This includes trimming stations, fume hoods, laboratory counter tops, equipment and other hard non-porous environmental surfaces.

Start on your green initiative and contribute to conserving the environment without compromising safety.

Our Products

Your plants and employees need high-quality protection. That’s why the GrowShield team works hard to ensure our PPE solutions are of the highest standard of medical-grade fabrication. We source quality PPE products from vendors all over the globe:

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