Cannabis Industry PPE

Drawing on years of experience making medical-grade PPE, GrowShield’s high-quality PPE is specifically designed to meet the needs of cannabis industry professionals.

For easy pull-on protection, shop GrowShield’s coveralls.

Step up safely with our comprehensive line of shoe and boot covers.

Keep plants and products contaminant free with our bead covers and bouffants.

Get hands-on with gloves that protect you and your cannabis plants and products.

Work to the highest standards of safety with face and eye protection.

Lightweight and comfortable, our isolation gowns provide the perfect protection.

Keep testing and manufacturing environments clean with our easy-wearing lab coats.

We have all the supplies you need to run a safe, clean, and successful lab.

Breathe easy with our line of protective masks and respirators.

Effortlessly cover your arms with the protection offered by our sleeves.

Workers in the Cannabis Industry

GrowShield is proud to bring the highest levels of PPE protection for workers at all stages of the cannabis production process, from cultivation, processing, and extraction facilities to test labs, dispensaries, and beyond.


Make sure your dispensary is operating at the highest professional levels with PPE that keeps your customers happy and your products contaminant free.


Perfect for the needs of budtenders, GrowShield PPE is comfortable enough for all day wear.

Cultivation Facilities

GrowShield outfits your cultivation facility with cannabis specific PPE designed for comfort, safety, and protection.

Facility Managers

Supervise safely with PPE that keeps you protected and contaminant free.

Master Growers

Prevent pathogen contamination effortlessly as you supervise your cannabis grows.


Protecting from pathogens of all types, GrowShield’s PPE is perfect for active work.

Cultivation Technicians

Prevent losses and keep plants pure with our high-level PPE protection.


PPE designed specifically for cannabis harvesters prevents contamination.


Trim safely and effectively with PPE designed with the cannabis industry in mind.

Facility Maintenance & Sanitization Specialists

Ensure the highest levels of sanitation with protective PPE that makes your job easier.

Quality Control Specialists

Maintain the highest levels of quality with cannabis-specific PPE that keeps product safe.

Extraction Facilities 

Keep your extraction facility running at its highest capacity with PPE that prevents profit loss due to contamination.

Master Extractors 

Safely oversee extraction operations and effortlessly prevent contamination.

Extraction Technicians

Stay ahead of on-the-job contamination concerns with our cannabis-specific PPE.

Concentrates Processors

Easily and effectively process concentrates free of contaminants.

cannabis scientist wearing ppe
cbd extraction scientist wearing ppe while working
cannabis cultivator wearing cannabis ppe while holding a marijuana plant

Processing Facilities

Process cannabis safely and effectively with PPE that keeps everything running smoothly, without worrying about contamination or quality control issues.

Edibles Chefs 

Create delicious and safe cannabis edibles with the highest quality PPE.

Edibles Processors

Process edibles to the highest professional standard cleanly and contamination free.

Packagers / Processors

Create cannabis products consumers snatch off the shelves with the perfect PPE.

Cannabis Testing Labs 

Designed to keep clean rooms sparkling and labs operating at the highest industry standard, our PPE was created with your cannabis test lab in mind.

Laboratory Managers

Raise safety levels and lower contamination risks with cannabis-specific PPE.

Laboratory Technicians

Make on-the-job safety a breeze with PPE that keeps your workspace contaminant free. 

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