The American Protective Products® Biohazardous Waste Bags – Red Color 8″ x 12″ / 2.0 mil Autoclave Bag WITH PRINT / 100 Bags per Case

Autoclavable Biohazard Bags have the biohazard symbol printed on them as well as usage instructions as required by OSHA for proper handling and personnel safety. In all cases, proper containment of potentially hazardous infectious material requires the bags to meet various strength standards. Infectious waste can be rendered sterile with the use of high temperature steam for a pre-determined time period as gained in the use of commercial autoclaves. Such sterile waste is now more economical for transport and disposal. Our autoclavable biohazard bags clearly show when the bag has been processed through an autoclave cycle. Infectious waste can also be incinerated (before or after) as long as it is handled in bags meeting the strength specifications in related states. Those bags made only for incineration, will not survive the rigors of sterilization by autoclave. Incineration is under recent Federal Regulatory examination because of the possible atmospheric contamination of Dioxins from incineration by-products of polyvinyl chloride materials.

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